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Tanzania offer counts with one of the richest Tourist destinations, 6 world heritage sites and exotic beaches in the world. Tanzania’s wildlife resources are considered among the finest in the world and include the Serengeti plains which host the largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world, the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest intact volcanic calderain the world and home to the highest density of big game in Africa, and Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro.

Lake Victoria the second largest fresh water lake and lake Tanganyika the deepest lake in Africa all these make Tanzania as the best tourist destination in Africa , a country with all the tastes of Africa, famous tribes and very hospitable people will surely make you fall in love with Tanzania, Tanzania is just Tanzania and there is no other Tanzania in the world.

Visit Tanzania is a Tour Agency that partners with Patriot Tour and Safaris Ltd in promoting Tanzania as one of the most famous Tour destination in the world, we provide tour,safari and travel services to our clients as we dedicate our service and time to quench the thirsty of people who want to have fun with Tanzania Nature , people who want to explore what Tanzania holds.We share with you what really you have to know about Tanzania, we bring you close to Tanzania way of living and make you enjoy the glory of this country.

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